How to hack bsnl broadband from 250 to unlimited

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How to hack bsnl broadband from 250 to unlimited

Post by Admin on Sun Aug 16, 2009 11:11 pm

Idea How to hack bsnl broadband from 250 to unlimited
Friday, March 13, 2009 Published by Rishav

This is a simple trick to hack bsnl broadband accounts* no need to
worry because it does not have any danger==.. * know your ip address:-
from this site:- * Download:- ip scanner
from site :- * open ip scanner. *
go to options tab select port and enter 80 in the 1st option. (enter
port to scan) * In the hostname option paste your ip address*.. * Click
on the ip button next to the hostname(the one with a green arrow
pointing up words..) * After u click on it, it will automatically fill
the ip range option.. * In the 1st option let it be your ip and the in
the 2nd option fill ip greater than your*..(eg. ip your ip is then in the next option fill as * click
scan.. * it will give u a list of ips*. * there will be some ip’s which
will have a green light on its left side. * select that ip and press :-
ctrl +1 (not the no. pad one) or right click on that ip and select the
option ‘open computer’ and then select the option in browser*.. * then
it will ask for user name and pass. * in user name type :-admin * in
pass type :- admin * if it does not take try on other ip’s with green
light. * when the page gets open go to home and click on ‘WAN’. * there
u will get the users id and pass in coded form*. * download this
password revealer:- *
Extract file from that and then run ‘x-pass’. * drag the ‘x’ icon in
the pass. field and u will get the pass. * to check the pass
:- thats it**.. enjoy***. Note: This
trick usually work for me and my friends but i can’t say that this
trick work al over india this trick is working in U.P , PUNJAB
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