Diary of a Hacker ( part 2 )

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Diary of a Hacker ( part 2 )

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My Handle is The Cuisinart Blade.
I am a Hacker.

This is part 2 in a three part series about my adventures as
a Hacker. The events in these Text files are very real. They
are written as they occured. All people in this have had their
Handles changed, (unless otherwise specified).

-To continue where I left off...

I sent Dr.Antristo home after our "encounter" with IBM. I loved
the fact I had entered one of the biggest Corps in the World!
It was about 3:34 in the morning, I logged onto the Lunacy in
the Abyss BBS, and went into the chat with my peers. After talking
to them at length about my "Discoveries", I found them all asking
me for the Passwords, and how I managed to get that far. I told
them that only an EXPERIENCED Hacker could do such things...I will
admit, I was up on myself. (shame) These others, all 13 of them,
were in Awe. For once I was in the lead, I was able to scoff at
some of the higher ups who had told me I would never achieve what
they had. I may not have been as good as they were, but I was
up with them in the big leagues!
Potempkin, Renw“ar, šbermahn, The Drifter, Sewer Rat, and Thycho,
a few names of those who were online at the time. They were all
very intrested in accquiring info+ on what I had gotten into. I
wanted to tell them, but I thought it best not to. Not yet.....
After chatting for half the evening, I finally went to sleep,
wondering what my next move should be.

October 30th, 1988

Dr.Antristo and I went Bin shopping again. We dug up a record
of Ex-employees scheduled to have their Passwords cleared from the
system. Someone loved us, to give us this trash. We returned home
to find Passwords, Doodling, more Loop Numbers, and an old records
collection of New In-Service Numbers. We wanted to know how AT&T
worked, so we were going to check it out. I first needed to talk to
my friend/contact in Ohio. I dialed up his number in the 216 Area
and waited to chat with him. He wasn't online. Bummer. I checked
a few of the other BBS's in the general area looking for people who
could tell me how one was able to crack into AT&T. No one seemed to
On the following evening we finally got our big break. Another
Hacker, told us in exchange for Loop Numbers he would give us a
Password in the AT&T System. We agreed. He gave us the Password
to a smaller area of AT&T and told us that it was pretty unguarded
so we should have no problem finding what we wanted to look at. I
was and very much still am an Astronomy Buff. I wanted to find out
how many AT&T Satellites were up there. So Dr.Antristo & I were
going to find out the following night.

Happy Holloween.....

On November 1st, 1988 we Called AT&T. We were buzzed off of the
24pack of Jolt we had imbibed. After connection to the Loop number
we dialed into the Corperate office of AT&T and were actually given
a command prompt, (after a COLORFUL Ascii Screen...Yeah...Right.)
The AT&T Logo was proudly displayed onto our moniter, but we thought,
with their appearant lack of security, that Pride was False.
We typed in the Password and it told us that it required a name for
"Security" reasons. We dug up a name and fed it into the Computer.
After verification of that employee, (NEVER put your full name on
stationairy!) it gave us access into the System. I thumbed through
some small records and such. Nothing much to get in the way of
records, or options. I decided to look into the system a bit
further. After nosing through some Menus, I found a "Doorway" to
the larger system. The way AT&T was, it was a bunch of smaller
computers all hooked into one another by a bigger system. I was
merely in one of the smaller appendages. I wanted the big guy!
I opened the door and was system transferred to a larger net, where
it showed scheduled Payrolls, Pink Slip notices, Active Staff Members
, and a monstrofic listing of people who were behind on their
payments. Jackpot! Or so I thought. No where could I find anything
on AT&T Satellites, or the such. I couldn't fix any of the payrolls
or even reprieve people from getting the ever-more-noticable Pink
Slip. (I still think American Companies are penny pinchers for
looking elsewhere for their SLAVE LABOUR)
I sat there looking through the People lists, looking for a higher
up so I could "Borrow" his name...heh heh.
I couldn't locate the main file area for any of the larger ups',
so I logged off for the evening. I would find out later. The Doc
had an idea that would require skilful planning and cunning. I
counted myself in. So there we were at 3:35 the next day, standing
on a corner, on a pay phone, talking to the operater. We told the
nice lady we were late for an appointment with Director of Operations
and that we needed to reschedule our time, and after several minutes
of chatting with the nice lady, I told her I was putting his name
down in my appointment book, and I needed it spelled correctly, so
She and I went through the spelling of the Director of Ops. Smile
I laughed as we wrote it down, little would this girl know what
were up to!
After chatting for a few minutes, I disconnected and Dr.Antristo
and I went home. We began to talk about how we were going to get
in, as well as what we would do when we had access. He didn't know
and neither did I. I guessed we'd have'ta figure it out when we
got there. School homework was completed on time, (I STILL think
that its a waste) and we both had dinner with our respective in-
mates. (What would you call a family that no longer cared?)
Evening rolled around, we were both a bit tired, so we were going
to make this quick...We dialed into the Loop Number and then into
the little number our Hacker buddy gave us. After we were in, I
opened the Doorway and entered the main area. After scanning the
place for new info, I used the fellows name and opened myself to
a world of new possibilites. I found myself able to rearrange small
lists of people, reverse pink slips, etc... I was in!
I checked out some of those pink slips and read up. I was horrified
to find that some of these people were being canned because they
were in their 40's?!? I looked for who was responsible for signing
these Slips, and to my utter amazement it was the guy who I was
impersonating! Well, I, being the better part of this guys
conscience, decided to fix what I broke! I reversed several of the
pink slips and gave one to this bastard! (Someone out there owes me
there job! Smile )
After dawdling with the Pink Slips, I went to check out other
areas of the company. I managed to worm my way into the Special
sections, like who could order what. Private lines for other
companies, Tracing Codes, and Satellites. I couldn't access the
Satellites, but I managed to print Screen the Private Phone Lines
of other companies, (and I STILL have them) and I found a real cute
doorway...it was to emergency areas. Example, A master program for
the termination of the Chicagoland area. I liked that. I could
axe Communtication on 3.2 million people in a mircosecond. hahaha!
I didn't, of course. I went ahead and logged out. I felt very
good about the things I had done. If there is a God, he must have
been thinking about that moment. I know that most people out there
who are Hackers or want to Hack, I know it is hard to believe, but
should you ever be in the position I am, you'd understand why I
did what I did. I never asked for forgiveness, as a matter of fact,
I don't want it. I was aware of what I was doing, and I enjoyed it.
Anyways...Dr.Antristo had told me that the Department of Defence was
offering contracts to Fermi Labs, and to Argonne on the Star Wars
Space Project, and that we should look into it. I liked that idea,
but the government? Geez...
I thought about it for all of a month. In that time I hacked a
large number of places, Mircosoft, IBM (again), Sears, Texaco,
Illinois Bell, Wisconsin Bell, Prudental, My High School, (Everyone
has done it, admit it), Martin Marrettia, and Jet Propultion Lab-
rotories, (if you don't know what the last 2 are, STOP READING!)
I had enough stuff that if I sold half of it, I could retire at the
ripe age of 16! But even thought our government holds out on us,
and lies, steals, and keeps secrets, I still love it. This is the
land of the free.....NOT!!!

December 3rd, 1988

I was at home watching some christmas shopping commercials and
drinking a Jolt, when I recieved a phone call from my buddy
Dr.Antristo. He told me that Argonne had gotten the project and
that someone I knew was the project manager. The Password was
Anti-RX...?!? I sighed and said what the hell, why not. Lets
see what our wonderful government is up to now.
After a little bit of looking into it, I found out that yes indeed
someone I knew was into the project. I also found out that as of
1988-89 Star Wars was not...35% complete, but a whopping 87%. The
only thing left to "Shunt" into orbit was a weapon called the
Wiggler beam. A laser which concentrated high speed X-rays into
a focused stream, resulting in a laser so powerful it would
litterly slice incoming missiles in half. I didn't care what the
thing could do, this was good information. I liked it, so I got
onto Argonne National Labrotories Crey computer using a stolen
password and copied the plans to an undisclosed location for later
Dr.Antristo told me to goto the Department of Energy, you know, the
bigwigs with no dicks, who push everyone whom they consider beneith
them around to make their things for them. (Wussies) I went from
the Crey to the main computer terminal of the D.O.E. and looked
around for a bit. I found something I know all you will just love,
a small article of information indicating after shipping out 265
"Pink Slips" that Article 130a, said that they (all the brass at the
D.O.E. were going to give themselves some raises) oh my, how cute.
Well, after looking around in the D.O.E. area, I quickly shut off
the computer and terminated the connection when I heard my all-
powerful Father come down the stairs to talk to me. Whew!

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